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Mycological Emergency Diagnostics

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Fungal collection inspectors do not have microscopical skills or medical knowledge, so that emergency experts, with the help of microscopy, and especially spore analysis, are needed to determine which of the 18 poisoning-syndromes conforms to initial symptoms and latency period
The purpose of this course is to further interdisciplinary co-operation between medicine and mycology, and to demonstrate possibilities and limitations of mycological emergency diagnoses.

Often one must be satisfied by only circumstantial evidence, even when knowledgeable mycologists are involved.

We thank Prof. Heinz Clémençon, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, and Harry Andersson, Braunschweig, for valuable references. We thank Ray Tantram, Surrey, UK for the English translation and some comments.


Illustrated brochure A4, color print, high-quality paper 100 g, spiral binding with transparent cover foil, 35 pages. René Flammer, Thomas Flammer- 1st english edition, 2008

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Mycological Emergency Diagnostics - Extract


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